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Simple Energy Works sells complete solar photovoltaic custom kits to residential and commercial customers online. We also design, sell and install complete residential and commercial photovoltaic solar systems in Tennessee, including the areas of Crossville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Cumberland County, and many more TN cities! Additionally, we offer the Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitors online through our website and on our Amazon store. Randy Velker, Co-Owner, provides services and resources on the incentives, finance and funding of solar systems, both commercial and residential.

We are relentlessly educating ourselves and improving our products and services to provide the best solar solutions and energy efficiency products.

Mission – Promoting sustainable energy use and visibility through solar and green efficiency

Vision – Exploding solar energy implementation for installers and homeowners through education and quality products and services.

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Tennessee Commercial & Residential PV Solar Systems

Tennessee Solar Systems We install complete PV Solar Systems for Residential and Commercial customers here in Tennessee (Crossville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Cumberland County, and more!). We are NABCEP Certified and have the experience to get your system done right!
There are 3 primary incentives for installing a Photovoltatic (PV) System on your house or business in Tennessee…

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Solar electricity is worth a premium because it doesn’t pollute, and it conserves our fuel resources. Solar reduces peak loads on sunny days and reduces transmission losses (which can be up to 70%). Since electricity produced by solar energy has no fuel costs, the future price of solar electricity is known, unlike conventional sources, such as coal, which are market-based commodities.

Solar System Kits

Solar System Kits

Now YOU (with a little help) can install a professional grade Solar PV System for a fraction of that “Average” installed price!

We have complete turn-key solar systems for less than $3 per watt!

Get a Fully Stocked Solar Kit to save time and money!

  • Our fully stocked Solar Kit contains EVERYTHING!
  • Modules are American Made in Atlanta, Ga.
  • Lock in your electrical energy prices for the next 35-40 years at today’s rate.
  • Never worry about an electrical rate increase again!
Use the latest Technology (Microinverters)

  • 5% to 20% more energy production from the same solar modules using Enphase Microinverters.
  • Industry Leading 25 year warranty with 100% uptime guarantee!
  • No more Xmas tree light effect (from shaded modules)
  • Fully Expandable systems

Our premium quality, pre-designed and customized PV Solar system comes with ALL of the components to connect to the Grid- including the mounting system to connect to a shingled roof! Infinitely expandable… Check Out Our PV Solar Kits

Solar System Prices are dropping!

PV Solar System Average Installed Cost

National Average is $7.23 per Watt for Residential Systems and starting at $6 per Watt for Commercial Systems…


Our Solar Systems run below $3 per Watt,  …Now is the time to Invest!


Current Cost “EnviR” Whole House Energy Monitor

EnviR - The Smarter Home Energy Monitor Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitor

“The Envi arrived this morning. Had it up and running in a few minutes and everything works great. Thanks for the great service!” -David


This premium quality Home Energy Monitor tracks your energy usage in six second intervals. It quickly and easily shows your cost per day and cost per month.

The display keeps up to 7 years of energy usage data available so that you can quickly and easily analyze your electrical usage patterns.

Studies have shown that by simply monitoring your electrical usage you automatically (and unconsciously) reduce your energy usage by 5% to 15%…Even more when you actively use a monitor!