ClickSys Unirac PV Mounting System Makes it easy!

Unirac ClickSys Mounting System
This unique mounting system has roared onto the scene and done a couple of things.  It has decreased the installation time (by making the process simpler and easier).  It has also decreased the installation price (by using less materials and therefore beating the competition on price!).
The only issue that I ever hear from any installers is that there is a bit less flexibility in this system to be installed on a roof that is “wavy”.  If the roof is very uneven, you may think about using a different mounting system which has more flexibility built in.
Clicksys can manage an uneven roof of a few inches, and there are a few workaround (using spacers/washers to level out any “low” mounts).
It is a revolutionary system that allows the beams to be clicked onto the mounting hardware (without the use of any bolts).  This may seem crazy at first, but when you think a little deeper you realize that these beams are parrallel and far apart.  In order for one of the beams to come out of the “clicking assembly” the whole system would need to come out of the roof (lag bolts and all).   So the engineers have done a fine job of minimizing the complexity and yet keeping the system solid!

Here is a video of the same installation team installing two comparable systems using Clicksys and a competitor.  (It does not mention what the other installation mounting system is- I assume it is Unirac Solar Mount, but I am not sure).


Below is a video of the Unirac ClickSys system being installed.  You can see the basic idea of how to install the system.   With our Kit we include 3 inch standoffs which mount onto the QuickMount PV flashing and onto which you mount special ClickSys mounting hardware.   So the video does not show exactly how our installation works, but it does show the main ideas.


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