27.8 kW Photovoltaic system for Christmas!

Photo op on the roof

We did it in time for Christmas!

We  just put the finishing touches on a commercial photovoltaic system here in Cumberland County, TN.  It is the largest Photovoltaic system in Cumberland county and it uses Enphase Microinverters.

We have 124 modules (we used Sharp 224w) and we used Tough Trac ballasted roofing system for the mounting.  Working closely with Ed Bauer and Zuercher Electric was a joy.  Those guys are fun to be with, fun to work with, and just good guys.  It really made the install enjoyable.

Forget about the 30 degree weather and the rain- we were having fun putting up a PV system!   Thanks also to Steve Lane from the Technical School and Dwayne as well.  Both helped out just to get their hands on the latest PV equipment!

The system is estimated to produce aroun 36,838 kW per year, and it offsets the electrical usage of the building by 305%.

Thomaz Nosarzewski is the owner of the building (and the PV system) and he is excited about getting into the renewable energy generation business.   On December 29th we had an inauguration of the system with  the mayor(s) Crossville & Cumberland Co.  It was a bit windy, but a bunch of us still made it up to the roof to enjoy the view!

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