About Us

DIY solar kits

We Design and Install Grid-Tied Solar Photovoltaic systems  in Cumberland County, TN.  We have fallen in love with the simplicity and ease of the components of these Grid Tied PV Solar kits (Enphase, ClickSys, QuickMountPV, ect) and have found a way to provide them to end users for a dramatically decreased price.

Enphase MicroinverterBecause we install we understand all of the “extras” that are needed in an actual installation.  We have packed these kits so that a “Newbie” will have a successful first install!

Don’t be intimidated.  Thousands of these systems have gone up (many installed by folks with less experience than you).  I will not say that it is “easy”, but with the help of a local AC electrician it is definitely possible!

Enjoy your new PV system!