Enphase launches big!

Enphase has finally put their new generation of microinverters on the market.

They have done it right.   With the new product they have fixed the two MAIN compaints that anyone has ever brought up against the micro-inverters.

1.  They have extended the warranty to 25 years (like PV modules).   Their previous warranty was a rock solid 15 year warranty, but now- a full 25 years.   No comparison with any of the central inverters.

2.  They have replaced their enlighten website and are now giving the subscriptions away for FREE (for the lifetime of the product).   No longer are there monthly/annual internet subscription fees.

3.  There are other improvements as well (like 96% efficiency, one bolt connection, smaller inverters, less clipping, etc) but the top two really open up the field.

Now is the time to hook up with Enphase, if you haven’t done so in the past.

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