Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitor

This premium quality whole house energy monitor tracks your energy usage in six second intervals. It quickly and easily shows your cost per day and cost per month.
reduce your home energy usage Studies have shown that simply by monitoring your electrical usage you automatically (and unconsciously) reduce your energy usage by 5-15%. Even more if/when you try to actually change your energy usage habits!

The display keeps up to 7 years of energy usage data available so that you can quickly and easily analyze your electrical usage patterns.

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Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitor

EnviR System Overview

Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitor Overview Over 2.7 million of these wireless energy monitoring devices have been installed around the world and now Current Cost is available for those of us in the United States.The Envi is easily installed inside your breaker box.We have video instructions available (scroll down the page) and recommend an installation by an electrician. In many areas it does not require an electrician to install, but if you feel uncomfortable at all with opening up your breaker box, we recommend it!.  For the installation you simply install the clamps around the wires. You do not need to disconnect any wires or put anything inline. You also do not need to connect anything to the breakers.

“The Envi arrived this morning. Had it up and running in a few minutes and everything works great. Thanks for the great service!” – David

Check out the Spec Sheets and the Installation Manual.

How the EnviR System Works

Two CT-clamps measure your energy and send a wireless signal to the display. The Envi allows for easy installation everywhere.The EnviR‘s wireless system is designed to install quickly and give the user years of reliable and trouble free real time information.Two CT clamps surround electric cables. They sense energy levels through measurement of the magnetic field surrounding the wire. This magnetic field varies with the amount of power used.The CT clamps connect to a transmitter that sends a wireless signal to the display. It displays, stores and can send the data to a PC or Internet. How the Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitor Works

Monitoring Program

Go to to register for online home energy usage monitoring. This will give you instant real time analysis of your whole house energy usage.

Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy Monitoring Program

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Current Cost EnviR Whole House Energy MonitorCURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Current Cost EnviR (white) - $0

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Installation Tips & Instructions

Other Current Cost EnviR Accessories:

Extra Transmitters:

The EnviR display unit can track up to 10 of these transmitters.  The primary channel will be the whole house (channel 0), then you can track the AC/Heating on channel 2 (with one of these 2 CT clamp transmitters), and other large loads on the next individual channels.     These are not revenue grade meters, but are accurate to within 1-2% normally.  See product details here.

  • The Transmitter can accept up to three CT Clamps and collects and transmits the data as channels 1,2 and 3. The transmitter sends a wireless signal up to 100 feet indoors or 300 feet line of sight.
  • Installation by a licensed electrician is recommended.   It may not be mandatory.
  • The transmitter is not rated for outdoor use and must be protected from the weather at all times.
  • The Transmitter is powered by 2 D size batteries with a 7 year rated life. Changing of the batteries requires the use of a small Philips screw driver.
  • The transmitter assumes 120 volts for its KW calculations.
  • North American model is designed for 120/240 VAC 60 Hz
  • One CT clamp connected assumes 120 Volts
  • Two Clamps connected assumes 240 Volts (2x120V)
  • Three Clamps connected assumes 208V Three Phase
  • To measure 480 Volt three phase installations simple multiply data by 2.3




NetSmart “Web Bridge” for Online Access to data:

The Current Cost NetSmart WebBridge connects the EnviR Monitor directly to your router using an Ethernet cable, automatic uploading data to the website. You will be able to monitor your electricity use from any Internet connected computer or web-enabled phone or tablet. Included is one power supply capable of powering both the bridge and the EnviR display, a 4′ Ethernet cable, and 10″ display-to-bridge connector. The online monitoring is FREE for one channel, but if you want to monitor multiple channels we have a subscription service.  This allows for you to have a real-time online dashboard to observe the systems energy monitoring.  Using the Web Bridge through Current Cost allows you to have access to your data through their open API, so you can retrieve your data and use it with other applications if desired.  This hardware is specifically targeted to the Current Cost Website.  We have detailed Technical Instructions for Connecting the Web Bridge to  and for further connecting it to the free service (to parse the online data to your heart’s content).

See the Web Bridge product details here.

NetSmart Web Bridge -   $69




USB Cable for raw data output to computer (not recommended for “normal” users):

USB cable- - $12





Extra CT clamps

  • CT clamps surround an electric wire and measure the strength of the magnetic field that is created as electricity flows through the wires. The clamps have a maximum rating of 300 amps and 600 Volts.   They can be used on any wire up to 1 inch in diameter.
  • The CT clamps come with a spiral cord and plug into the transmitter.
  • How may clamps do you need?
    • One Clamp if you want to measure a single 120 volt cable such as a single lightening circuit.
    • Two Clamps if you want to measure a 240 volt circuit (used for the main, hot water heater, large appliances).
    • 300Amps, 600v maximum.
    • Accommodates 30 mm (over 1 inch) cables.
    • Three Clamps for 208/277 and 480 Volt Three Phase installations.

CT clamp - $15




Extra Displays


  • Product Size: 9.3cm x 12cm (base) x 15.5 cm
  • Viewable Screen: 7.3cm x 9cm
  • Retail Package Size: 35cm x 17cm x 5.5cm
  • Internal Power Requirement: Mains block adapter (nominal 1.0 watt)
  • Display power supply UL listed.
  • Physical Format: Table-top
  • Energy Monitored: Electricity (gas, LPG, oil in development)
  • Receiver: 433MHz SRD band
  • Communication Platform: C2 architecture
  • Sensor Coding Recognition: 10 channel (each three input potential)
  • Recognition Method: User Initiated – seeks 4,096 possibilities
  • Number of Permitted Sensors: Ten (x3 input)
  • Display: Liquid Crystal segmented display
  • Backlight: No
  • LCD mode: Positive reflective -12:00 view
  • Main services: Energy, Kwh and Dollars
  • Subordinate Services: Clock time (24hr), room temperature WT
  • Display clock on this model has a known issue and is NOT accurate
  • 24 hour rolling consumption (bar graph) display (social division into 3 x 8hr periods)
  • PC connection for streaming data for seven years historical data.
  • Software code: starting Vx.09
  • Tariff pre-set at prevailing rate (issued by the purchaser). Adjustable to $99.9

CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE Extra white Display - $0




Web Bridge Upgrade

For customers who are tracking their energy usage using a web bridge and want to upgrade their web bridge to monitor multiple channels (beyond the first free channel) we have a remote upgrade option.   This option only works for web bridges purchased after September 2011.   Web bridges purchased before that date must be manually mailed in (to England) for a flash upgrade.  There are two options, the NetSmart (3 additional channels for a total of 4), or the NetSmart Pro (9 additional channels for a total of 10).   You can purchase the upgrade here, but will need to send in a photograph of the serial number on the back of your web bridge so that we can proceed with the upgrade.

NetSmart Web Bridge Upgrade


Wireless Energy data Transmitter (w/2 CT clamps) for 2GIG GO! Control Systems

This transmitter and CT clamp bundle are designed specifically for the 2GIG Go!Control Security and Automation Panel  system which has communication protocols for this wireless energy transmitter.  2GigGo!TransmitterInstallationGuide.  Instructions for installing the Z-wave Energy Bridge.

2GigGo! Transmitter