Finally- Our Kits are Shipping!

I am excited  to be finally shipping these systems.  We have spent so much time developing the kits and perfecting them.  Now we are ready to ship them to those who may have been dragging their feet on installing a PV solar system on their house.

We have found the best modules, the best inverters, the best mounting system, and the best flashing (for shingle roofs).  We have packaged it together and have kept shaving away the price until it is a great value.  You can find about the different components of the system on our solar kits page.

The whole goal is to be able to allow DIY homeowners to install these systems (with minimal help from a local AC electrician).   The systems are so straightforward and the installation instructions are so simple that we can get any compotent AC electrician familiar with the details of one of these installations.

We are ready to do our part in moving this country towards energy independence.  Jump on board!

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