How to Find a Local Electrician (To help you Install PV)

I have put together a mindmap which goes through the process of finding a local electrician.

It is very specific on the steps that you need to cover as you contact electricians and what you must say to them as you get competitive bids (from at least 3 of them).

There are many hungry electricians who are anxious to work.  Many are willing to work for less than the “going wage” if you contact them and explain exactly what you are interested in doing.  Many will even work for Free (to get a foot in the door by installing a PV system).

Now, I do not recommend that you use an electrician for free.  Because someone is hungry is no reason to pay them “slave wages.”  On the other hand, a fair price negotiated beforehand will be a win win for both you and the electrician!

Now, we are constantly working with electricians, so we are pretty familiar with the pay rates and how to find good electricians.  I hope you find the .pdf file useful and helpful as you go about getting your PV system installed.

Now remember, an electrician does not need to install the PV system, but they do need to connect things to your breaker box, and they also need to sign off on the system and connect it to the grid (depending on your utility companies inter-connection policies).  You will need to find out any regulations from your local electrical inspector AND from your utility company.  Once you figure out what those inspectors are going to require then you can go about talking with potential electricians.

Refer to the image below for the first few branches in the process.  I have made the whole process available for  you to download for free.  Enjoy!   Download and Print Here: FindElectrician.pdf

You will need to print it out as I had to save it in “landscape” format in order to fit it all on one page. You will notice in the image below that there are circles at the end of each line. Well those circles mean that there are more categories of explanation out beyond those branches.

Keep on Learning!

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