Saving money by switching over to LED’s from incandescent or fluorescent lights is now easier than ever.  Click on the Spec sheet to see ALL the technical details of these high quality LED bulbs.

This 7w LED light bulb is a direct replacement for most of the existing light bulbs in your house.   It has an E26/e27 base socket (which fits a normal light bulb), so it can easily be screwed in to replace any other existing bulbs…. Of course, it will last a lot longer (30,000 hours ) and cost much less by only using 7 watts (up to 87% more efficient).

These bulbs are available in either the Dimmable or Non-dimmable version with 3 different colors variations.    The light you want is customizable by choosing whichever mood or Kelvin rating is best for your actual  setting.

Save even more by purchasing in bulk (10 pack).    It has never been so easy to swap out all your bulbs at one time.

1.  ”Warm White”- 2600k – 3500k.

Has an “orange” or amber look and is often used for reading lights or low light levels.  This bulb puts off 600 lumens using only 7 watts of power.

7w LED

2.  ”Neutral White”- 3600k – 5500k.

Might be the best of both worlds, and is commonly referred to as “white.”  This bulb puts off 615 lumens using only 7 watts of power.

7w LED

3.  ”Cool White” 5500k – 7500k.

Has a “blueish” color that is very close to actual sunlight.  This bulb puts off 630 lumens using only 7 watts of power.

7w LED


The bulbs are available on Amazon, or right here (with free shipping in the united states). For shipping quotes outside of the united states please send your delivery address and the number of bulbs you would like so that we can get you an accurate shipping quote.  These bulbs are quick on, but not instant on (there is a 1/4 second delay or so for the capacitors to recharge).   The warranty is 3 full years, and if you are not feeling the love, just let us know and we will make it right.