Obama Calls for 80% Clean energy by 2035

An unprecedented move.  But what does it mean?

You can see an excellent article on the “Obama Plan” at Renewable Energy World.

But setting goals is not the same as reaching them.

If goals are defined to make themselves attainable it is not really much of a goal at all.

Obama’s goal sounds like a huge accomplishment.  When you look at what he defines as clean energy he includes nuclear, “clean coal,”  natural gas, along with the obvious renewable energies (hydro, solar, wind, biomass).

If you include the dirty energies (coal, nuclear and natural gas)  into the clean energy camp of course we can meet the goal.  If what Obama means is that we will have cleaner coal, cleaner nuclear and cleaner natural gas still doing all of our work in 2035 he is not saying much.

We could meet that goal in a month.   Simple shut the 10 dirties coal/nuclear/natural gas plants down and the % of clean energy will go up.

It reminds me of Micheal Scott’s 2011 New Years Resolution.

He wants to FLOSS in 2011.

As the other employees talk about their struggles with their resolutions Micheal stands up and says. “you guys are pathetic.  Just do it.  At 12:01 BAM I was done.”

Of course anyone can meet a goal which is defined with such open edges.  There is no way to NOT meet the goal of 80% clean energy by 2035 if it is defined as simply “a little cleaner than what we no do-  and the other 20% can be just as dirty as what we now do.”

Hardly ambitious.   It only takes about a minute to floss!

But then, at least someone is talking about flossing.

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