Our Favorite Home Energy Magazine

HomePower has been around for years and is the standard place for GOOD information on Solar Energy.

If you are new to the field or are interested in getting educated to the opportunities in Solar Energy go on over and check out their magazine.  They have an extensive online record of past articles (many of which are free).

If you become a subscriber you have complete access to all of their article and archives.

If you are moving into the field of Solar Energy you will need to be a subscriber.  Down to earth, practical advice on installations and design.

They have an article in the latest issue (April/May 2010) which deals with some code issues dealing with Microinverters.   John Wiles, the author of the issue is a PV “GURU” who typically writes on electrical code issues.  When John talks, the NEC listens!

Visit his latest article here:


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