Portable/Premade Solar Energy Buildings…. NOW AVAILABLE!

We have recently formed an agreement with the patent holder as an exclusive supplier of portable premade solar buildings.    These buildings are made in a factory setting so that we can control all of the quality and construction issues.   We can benefit from assembly line work and volumes of scale.








These buildings are easily transported to remote locations.

These systems have many different options to choose from including:  Double buildings (for classrooms, renewable energy demonstration labs), BiFacial Modules (for a sun shade pavilion feel), water proof pavilion system,  multiple sizes of PV, multiple battery banks, incorporated windmills, Grid tied solar option, car charging option…. and many others.

All of these systems are mounted on your pre-existing slab (we give you the plans and dimensions) and are functioning in less than a day.   No sweat at all.   Perfect for an instant office or Get-A-Way that needs it’s own PV power source.   These systems are designed to meet the  90 mph wind speed specifications (which is the same standard that your house is built too).

Give us a call (931)287-9288 for pricing or details.   We are happy to be delivering these complete solar systems with the same exacting standards that we have been delivering stand alone grid tied and off grid systems for the past 5 years.   Now these PV systems  are incorporated right into a prefabricated delivered building.

These systems qualify for the 30% tax credit and for many other local, state and federal incentives.   The other thing about this building and the complete solar system included is that every part of the whole package is designed and built right here in the USA.    There are no foreign modules or inverters in the whole package.    So… all of the money for this system is used to support businesses here in the States.    Just an added benefit.




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