Simple Energy Works LED bulbs deliver more light for less energy

These bulbs are LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) which means that they are a fully wired system and have no elements (which are the part of the bulb that burns out).    These LED bulbs have soldered diodes that give off the light, so they are very vibration resistant and shock proof.     They can be used in fans and in other applications that normally have required “heavy duty” type bulbs.


Producing 615 lumens of light with an input of only 7 watts of energy, these bulbs are extremely efficient.    The measurement of lumens per watt is comparable to miles per gallon on the car, it tells us which bulb  is most efficient.   A normal incandescent bulb produces 600 lumens using about 50 watts.     Using division we can see that each watt of energy produces about 12 lumens ( 12 lumens per watt).      The new SEW LED bulbs on the other hand are producing about 88 lumens per watt of energy.       This is over 700% more light for the same amount of energy.


This energy reduction is significant.   If you monthly light bill is $100 using incandescent bulbs…. you would be paying $14 after replacing with SEW LED bulbs.    This will be a monthly savings of  $86.


Another huge advantage for the SEW LED bulbs are that they are rated to last 30,000 hours of use.    Compare that to the rated lifespan of an incandescent bulb… below 2000 hours (most are rated at 1000 hours).    It will take at least 15, and probably closer to 30 incandescent bulbs to last as long as ONE of our LED bulbs.   The savings in maintenance and replacement costs are simply icing on the cake.



The details of the 7w LED bulb

The spec sheets for these LED bulbs can be found here.    You can find much more technical information about the bulbs on the spec sheets, and you can purchase the bulbs directly from AMAZON.


These bulbs are UL listed (in the US and in Canada) so they are safe and legal.    By the way, be very careful installing any bulbs or electrical appliances that are NOT  UL listed.    The UL listing is legally required for installation on all new homes and is the safety standard for electrical appliances (including light bulbs).     Any bulb not UL listed may not be safe (we are talking about fire hazards and electrocution hazards).


These bulbs fit common normal bulbs sockets here in the US and Canada (e27/e28 socket) and are small and light weight (unlike the first generation of LED bulbs on the market).  The first generation was a good start, but they tended to be heavy and large.    We have managed to minimize the size of the bulb so that the dimensions are 2″ x 4″ and the weight is just 3.5 ounces.    It will easily fit into any socket and will not stress or overload the weight capacity of small lamps.     (For instance, many small lamps would simply fall over with a first generation LED light bulb).


These bulbs do not have any of the hazardous Mercury that are included in the compact fluorescent bulbs.   Also, the lifespan of these bulbs are not reduced when turned on and off rapidly.    (A major problem with compact fluorescent bulbs is that they fail prematurely…. This is normally due to turning them on and then off before their 15 minute “warm up time” has passed.     If they are turned off before 15 minutes then their lifespan is dramatically reduced- typically down to the lifespan of an incandescent bulb 1000-2000 hours).    If you are going to use compact fluorescent bulbs in spite of the Mercury content then make sure that you leave them on for at least 15 minutes each time they are switched on…. then the bulbs may reach their estimated life span.


Why continue to hand money to the utilities simply by using outdated and inefficient bulbs?   This bulb is a perfect reason to start moving to LED.


By the way, we are offering 10% off these LED bulbs if you purchase 2 or more.   This offer is only good with the coupon code  ”BRRB7SDX”, so put that in when you order the bulbs.    This offer is a  limited time coupon, so go to AMAZON and pick up some of these LED bulbs before the coupon expires.


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