Solar Case Studies

Action Heating and Cooling

Jerry and Rebecca Wood
Crossville, Tennessee

33.8kW PV System with Schott 230w Modules & Enphase Microinverters

Jerry Wood, owner and operator of Action Heating and Cooling in Crossville, Tennessee for many years, has decided to become as energy efficient as possible. Jerry has decided to install a solar photovoltaic system on their warehouse that will offset over 50% of their annual electrical usage.

Their PV system is the second largest system in Cumberland County, Tennessee and will produce over 48,000 kWh per year (depending on the weather). They decided to use Simple Energy Works, a Tennessee solar installation company with 3 Nabcep Certified installers, to design and install the solar system. Randy Velker, Owner of Simple Energy Works, was able to work with Jerry Wood to acquire the USDA Reap Grant (for 25% of the cost of the system), and the 1603 Treasury Grant (for 30% of the cost of the system), and a grant from the Tennessee Solar Institute (for $2 per installed watt).
  • The PV solar power system was installed with 147 Schott modules for a total of 33.8kW.
  • On top of the above incentives, they will also be participating in the Generation Partner Program with TVA who will be purchasing all of the energy they produce at $.12 ABOVE the retail rate per kwh. TVA is currently paying around $.22 per kwh while they charge their customers around $.10 per kwh.
  • Not only did the solar energy system make great sense financially, but it also locks in their electrical expenses for the life of the PV system. Never will a rate hike by TVA affect their electric bills again. As TVA regularly raises the electrical rates, their installed PV system will continue to produce electricity at the original installed cost (per kwh). These photovoltaic systems have a warranty for 25 years, but in most cases will last for 40 years or more.
  • Of course, the solar system is also very good for the environment, which is an added benefit. Over the 25 year warranty life of their PV solar system, it will be offsetting 1,787,642 lbs of burned coal. This will offset approximately 144 tons of waste fly ash, 46,549 lbs of NOx-NitricOxide (which causes smog), and 126,387 lbs of SO2-SulfurDioxide (which causes acid rain).
  • They will be able to monitor the production and output of the PV system because they have a real time energy production interface via the internet to allow them to see the complete history of how the PV system has produced energy all the way down to a module level. This makes troubleshooting easy and allows minor issues to be resolved before they become a major issue.

Building Tenants: Advance Rehabilitation Center (Physical Therapists)

Building Owners: Thomas & Yolita Nosarzewski
Crossville, Tennessee

27.6 kW PV Array using Sharp 230w Modules & Enphase Microinverters

Massive Passive Solar Income! As owners of an office building, which they were paying the electrical expenses on, Thomas and Yolita decided to explore the possibility of generating electricity with a photovoltaic system. Their months of highest electrical usage are the summer, when a solar PV system would generate the most electricity.

Their building is in downtown Crossville, TN and had a flat roof which needed to be replaced. They worked closely with a local roofing contractor (Turner Roofing) on the roof replacement, and with Simple Energy Works for the design and installation of the Photovoltaic solar system.
  • The PV system was installed with 120 Sharp modules for a total of 27.6kW.
  • The solar modules were mounted using a ballasted roofing system (to minimize roof penetrations) and using Enphase microinverters. The system can now be monitored on a module by module basis in real time over the internet. Any energy production issues can be immediately corrected.
  • Thomas and Yolita were able to take advantage of the USDA Rural Energy for America 25% Grant and also the 30% 1603 US Treasury Grant. They can also use 100% bonus accelerated depreciation (in year one) on the whole cost basis of the solar system.
  • On top of the above incentives they were also able to participate in the Tennessee Solar Institute Grant for Tennessee businesses.
  • The system will pay for itself very quickly. From then on, they will be enjoying “FREE” energy for the life of the system (warranty is for 25 years, but useful life may be closer to 40 years).
  • The system generates almost 37,000 kWh per year. Because of the Generation Partner Contract with TVA (who is buying all of the electricity produced by the solar array at a premium), over 300% of their electric bills are accounted for. Each month the system is generating a surplus of profit that rolls over and is paid to them every year!
  • Rather than paying an electric bill each month they are now receiving an income each and every month from their utility and TVA.

Best Friends Animal Hospital

Anthony Warlick
Crossville, TN

Best Friends Animal Hospital | 9.2 kW Photovoltaic System

9.2 kW Photovoltaic System

The animal hospital was looking for a way to offset its electrical bills (which are significant in the summertime because of AC expenses). They decided upon a 9.2 kW photovoltaic solar system on their shingle roof. The system is now offsetting over 30% of the electrical usage during the summer months.

  • 40 Schott 230 watt modules
  • Enphase M190 microinverters
  • Tennessee Valley Authority Generation Partners Program
  • A great south facing roof on the side of the Veterinary Hospital. The modules are set in a triangular array.
  • Estimated annual production of 12,659 kwh per year.
  • In July and August 2011 the average offsetting of the electrical bill is $325 per month.
  • Applied for and received the USDA Reap grant
  • Applied for and received the Tennessee Solar Institute grant
  • Eligible for the 30% Federal Tax credit
  • Eligible for the 100% bonus depreciation in year one (for capital solar investments)
  • Payback on this complete system is under 5 years

Camp Nakanawa

Pepe and Ann Peron
Rural Tennessee

Camp Nakanawa | 13.34 kW PV Array using Sharp 230w Modules & Enphase Microinverters

13.34 kW PV Array using Sharp 230w
Modules & Enphase Microinverters

As Directors for a camp in middle Tennessee it made great sense for Pepe and Anne to explore clean energy generation. Their months of highest electrical usage are the summer, when a solar photovoltaic system would generate the most electricity.

They also wanted to show their campers that they were taking their responsibility to take care of the earth quite seriously.
  • After looking over the potential sites available on their camp we decided on mounting the PV system on a 50 year old barn with good southern exposure. The array faces due south and instantly became a favorite of the maintenance men who are constantly checking to see how much the array is currently generating.
  • The camp was able to take advantage of the USDA Rural Energy for America 25% Grant and also the 30% 1603 US Treasury Grant.
  • They will be able to use bonus accelerated depreciation on the whole cost basis of the system.
  • The system will “pay for itself” in around 6 years. From then on they will be enjoying “FREE” energy for the life of the system (warranty for 25 years but useful life may be closer to 40 years).

Jean Cheely

Crossville, TN

1.84 kW Ground Mounted PV Array

1.84 kW Ground Mounted PV Array

Jean was looking for a way to use renewable energy and cut her electrical expenses. She purchased a Simple Energy Works solar power kit and installed the system herself.

  • The system is set up with TVA’s generation partners program and will pay her $.12 above retail for all of the electricity that the system produces for the next 10 years.
  • The system is producing over $45 per month in revenue (which goes a long way toward offsetting her electric bill).

Ted and Denise Polczynski

Crossville, TN

1.84 kW Photovoltaic System | 7- 235w Schott Modules

1.64 kW Roof Mounted PV Array

Ted and Denise bought a solar system kit from Simple Energy Works and did the installation on a weekend with the help of some friends. They hired a local electrician to do the final connection to the electrical grid.

  • The system is installed on a shingled roof with good Southern exposure.
  • They are planning on expanding the system to a 4.9kW system in the near future (and they are planning on doing the addition to the system themselves).
  • They are participants in the TVA generation partners program and have locked in a contract with TVA for the next 10 years at $.12 above retail per kwh for all energy produced by their PV system.
  • You can view the actual real-time energy production of their system online at:
    At this link you can see the complete energy production of the PV system from the moment that it was hooked up (you have access to the complete history). Feel free to explore and see how Enphase Enlighten allows you to track the energy production.

Dean & Betty Clement

Fairfield Glade, TN

2.7 kW PV System

2.7 kW PV System

Upon retirement and relocation to Fairfield Glade, TN, Dean and Betty decided that they wanted to produce a portion of their electricity from clean energy sources (rather than from the coal generators). Because they lived in a highly restrictive community they had to get special permission from the ACC (architectural committee) for the placement of the solar modules.

Once the plans were presented the committee was happy to approve the solar panels in their community, and they elected to use Simple Energy Works as their solar system installer in Tennessee.
  • The system is on the rear of their house (facing due south) and overlooks their beautiful deck area.
  • Because of the significant number of trees in the area, the Enphase Microinverters are very beneficial at pulling as much energy as possible from the solar modules.
  • Betty said. “For such a small system- it is generating a lot of money!” The system is generating over $65 per month toward offsetting their electrical bill.