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We’ve Broken the Code- Solar that pays YOU!

For the past few years those of us in the solar industry in Tennessee  (make that all of TVA’s area) have been trying to figure out how to provide third party financing for the solar systems that we install.  With … Continue reading

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Solar Energy Will Never Replace Coal!

Solar will never work. It is just too expensive. We will never replace coal and oil as the primary fuels because they are so ubiquitous. Simply a microscopic fraction of our energy is now made from solar energy. It is … Continue reading

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How Little can I spend to get an Entry Level Photovoltaic Solar System?

I mean, the least expensive is the easiest for me at the moment, so what is the lowest entry level solar energy system that I can purchase? I don’t hear this question often, but it is a real issue. How … Continue reading

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TVA Green Power Switch Video (Commercial)

TVA talks with PV homeowners and business owners who have PV systems up in Middle Tennessee. (Some good looking systems!) Enjoy!

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The cost of PV systems is Dropping

Standard and Poor’s has released an article analyzing the PV solar  market in the USA and has concluded that the prices are dropping (and approaching  grid parity). “Grid parity” is the holy grail target of the PV market, because at … Continue reading

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