Take the money and Run! TN has a new Solar Grant!!

The state of Tennessee recently (January 11th) announced that they have a new grant for businesses that are trying to be more energy efficient. The grant is specifically for those businesses (municipalities, non-profits are also eligible) that are going to make a “dent” in the air pollution of Tennessee through clean energy systems, energy efficiency upgrades and the like.

This grant has been a long time in coming.

TVA for 10 years has been in a lawsuit with the EPA for not being in compliance with the Clean Air Act regulations. In other words, TVA has been polluting for years and the EPA had finally had enough. They filed suit for TVA to stop polluting and to pay fines for the damage they have done. In 2011 TVA settled and agreed to pay wads of cash to the state of Tennessee (and other states as well).

Well– some of that money ($26.4 million)was given directly to the state of Tennessee to do environmental mitigation projects. The state of Tennessee has decided to use a portion of the money to incentivize organizations in Tennessee to upgrade their efficiency and to use a cleaner energy mix. You can see the state of Tennessee grant page here.

The grant will be spread out over the next five years with a little over $5 million being awarded each year. The first round of grants will be closing on March 30, 2012. This grant will be re-opening each year in the early months and closing in the Spring.

We have some very successful grant strategies for this grant that you will want to be aware of! It is going to be competitive and the funds will probably go quickly.

The one thing that we know for sure is that if you do not apply for this grant- you will definitely not receive any funds! The only way to get these funds is to get in the game as soon as possible.

You have to be on the field to win.

We write these applications for our customers from start to finish. There is no extra fee for the grantwork! It is simply part of the installation of the solar system. Remember… the prices are dropping, and incentives are starting to be tapered off. As the price of the solar systems comes down– so do the incentives. They start to leave.

Now is the time to explore solar because the equipment prices have dropped, but the incentives are currently STILL available. He who hesitates is lost in this game. Don’t end up looking back saying “I should have applied for that grant back when it was available….”

This money is not blood money (taken from other taxpayers). This money is re-payment for the damaged air that you have been breathing for the past 25 years. Don’t turn it down.

A state grant like this never needs to be repaid. It is like a free money check written to you so that you can install a solar system for a much lower price. They will pay for half of your solar system (they actually will pay for up to 80% of the system if you want them too). Do not be shy about getting this grant!

We have had great success in applying for solar grants from the State of Tennessee in the past and we have been applying for (and receiving) usda grants and Tennessee Solar Institute grants for years for our customers. We know how to write these grants.


Your business, non-profit or municipality really deserves to get some of this money! You have been breathing these pollutants for years, now it is time for some payback!

This money may not help your asthma (or your kids), but it will certainly help out with your electric bill!

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