Tennessee Solar Institute releases new GRANT.

The state of Tennessee has finally revealed the details of their commercial grant for photovoltaic systems. This grant is taking over from the previous TN-cet grant (which ran out of funding in December of 2009).

This new grant has been funded with 9 million dollars and focuses on business/commercial installations here in Tennessee. The grant will be based on the size of the installed system. They are offering a $2 per watt rebate for the first 30 kW’s. In other words, if your business installed a 30 kW Photovoltaic system you would be eligible to receive $60,000 back from the state of Tennessee.

This grant only works with systems that are installed using “official” Tennessee licensed electricians. It is not possible to install your own system (ie DIY installations are not eligible).

These grants also are not eligible for any structures that include tenants or residents. They also can not be installed on or near mobile homes.

For systems between 30 kw and 60 kw the rebate will be $1.50 per watt. For systems above 60 kW the rebate will be $1 per watt.

The program is scheduled to be functioning until December of 2011 (or until the funds run out).

Give us a call at (931) 287-9288 and we can see if you qualify for this grant!

You can see all of the details at: Tennessee Solar Institute.

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