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We design and install complete PV Solar Systems for residential and commercial customers throughout Tennessee, including the Upper Cumberland area, Crossville,  Cookeville, Harriman and Pikeville. 

We have 4 NABCEP certified installers on staff and have the experience to get your solar system done right! Check out our Solar Case Studies to see some our work!


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Tennessee Commercial & Residential PV Solar Systems

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27.8 kW Commercial PV Solar System in Crossville, TN

27.8 kW Commercial Photovoltaic Solar System in Crossville, Tennessee

27.8 kW Commercial PV Solar System in Crossville, TN“I would like to share my experiences with my Solar Installation in Crossville. Simple Energy Works represented by Randy Velker is undoubtedly my best experience in hiring a company to deal with any work, let alone the very complicated task of Solar design and installation. They have made the whole process super easy for me, conducted themselves with integrity, and made obtaining solar funding documents and appropriate Grants timely and flawless. Communication with Randy was swift and direct. They delivered everything they have promised and installed a well functioning and fully operating 27.8kW solar system. They took care of all the logistical issues just like they said they would! I strongly recommend Randy Velker and Simple Energy Works to anyone who is thinking of purchasing a Solar Energy System.” — Thomas Nosarzewski, Owner

There are 3 primary incentives for installing a Photovoltaic Solar System on your house or business in Tennessee…

solar incentives For every residential and business installation of a Photovoltaic solar system there is a Federal Tax Credit(uncapped) of 30% of the installed PV price. In other words, at the end of the year a $10k system will qualify for $3000 in tax rebate (if you don’t owe taxes this year it can be applied to future year tax liabilities). This program was extended thru 2020.

Green Power Providers (TVA). TVA (the primary utility in Tennessee) is looking to increase the percentage of Clean Energy that it produces. Rather than building its own Solar Farms, it has decided to give major incentives to individuals who install PV system on their houses or businesses.

2011 solar incentives


  • Tax Credit (30%)- good through 2016 (for individuals or businesses)
  • Macrs Depreciation- 5 year rapid depreciation on all solar systems until 2016
  • USDA Reap Grant- 25% of cost of system in rural counties for small businesses is available in the Spring for small businesses in Rural counties.   These grants are a great opportunity for small businesses to get 25% of their PV system paid for from Federal funding.   This grant is available for calendar year 2016 (applications are due in March).

Local – Tennessee

  • TVA Green Green Power Providers- TVA will purchase your generated electricity at the retail rate per kwh for 10 years. Recent changes have capped the systems that we can install at 50kw (which is still a pretty big system).

Website with all national and state incentives for solar or renewable energy – http://www.dsireusa.org

The TVA Green Power Providers Program will credit your electric bill for all the energy your PV system produces at the base retail rate for the next 10 years. This premium payback is a floating rate that increases with rate hikes. On your billing statement each month you will receive a credit for the amount of electricity that you have produced (if you have produced enough you will receive a check rather than a “bill”). For example, the normal rate currently is $.10 per kWh (you pay to buy electricity). For every kWh that your PV system produces, TVA will pay you $.10 per kWh.

You can expect the average 1kW PV system to produce around 1200 kWh per year (here in Middle Tennessee in a good Sunny location). To calculate the annual income generated through the TVA generation partners program, simply multiply this 1200 kWh by the amount of kW’s installed at your location. Then, simply multiply this total by TVA’s 10 cents. For example, a 4 kW system produces around 4800 kWh/year. So a 4 kW PV system (in middle Tennessee) generates approximately $480 per year of INCOME. This can either offset your regular electric bill, or if you don’t use much electricity, you will be receiving a check for the surplus!

If you have a Commercial location you are in even better shape! In addition to the above TWO incentives businesses also qualify for the following…

Commercial solar incentives
  • Five Year accelerated depreciation (MACRS) for the total balance of the PV system is available on solar electric property. For more information, click here.
This depreciation is very helpful.   It allows you to deduct the complete cost of the solar PV system over 5 years.

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Do you have a good site for a PV solar installation?

site selection solar system You need roof or open space which faces South (or West). The best orientation is due south – you will still get good production within 22.5 degrees of due south.

Solar Energy is non-polluting…

solar energy is non-polluting Solar electricity is worth a premium because it doesn’t pollute, and it conserves our fuel resources. Solar reduces peak loads on sunny days and reduces transmission losses (which can be up to 70%). Since electricity produced by solar energy has no fuel costs, the future price of solar electricity is known, unlike conventional sources, such as coal, which are market-based commodities.


Solar panels and our inverters come with 25-year warranties, and there is a widening view in the industry that they may last substantially longer than that, as some photovoltaic systems have been producing energy now for over 40 years.

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