The grass is always greener…

Everyone loves solar, but nobody like the initial up front cost to install a solar system.   It is easy to look at California or New Jersey or Ontario and say:  ”If I lived there I would definitely get a solar system.”

Well, The grass is always greener somewhere else.  That is a flat out fact of life.  Things that happen rarely happen at the “optimal” location.  And if they do- I don’t ever happen to be there at the same time.

It seems that I am always one step away from being at the right place at the right time.  I don’t know about you- but it certainly feels that way for me.

It’s like always being a little late for the train.  It has just left.   Or always seeing the possible but it is just a bit out of reach.

I have given up on trying to “time” the market.   If things don’t happen here and now there is an unbelievably good chance that they will never happen.   That is just how life works.

So, in spite of all the reasons why solar doesn’t make sense–  We installed our solar system anyway.  Did we have the money?  Barely.    Did the roof need to be “re-shingled” before we put it up.   Of course- but we didn’t re-shingle.   Did we have the tax liability necessary to use the 30% tax credit?  No.  Do we have any State or local incentives for installing solar?  No.

All of these factors were against installing our solar system.   But so what.  The time is never “right”.    The moment is never “optimal.”

Installing solar makes all kinds of sense even if it isn’t the BEST possible deal that other people are getting.   What I tend to do is compare my “deal” with the “deals” others are getting … and that is why I feel like I am not “winning” the deal wars.

Installing the PV solar system just makes sense.   Though it will take us 13 years to reach “payback” it still makes sense.  It was the right thing to do and we did it.   Was there resistance?  You bet.   Do I regret it.  Absolutely not.

These are a few of the benefits that I already know we have:

1.  Locked in electrical prices (for 25-40 years).   I could really care less if the utility now jacks up the prices (they will).  So what if Nuclear power plants are melting down and oil prices are skyrocketing.   My electrical rates are now stabilized.  No matter what happens.

2.  We are now a part of the solution (environmentally).   In the past we have used energy sparingly, but we have still been a huge user of dirty (brown) power.   No matter how it is sliced we have been a part of the problem.   It was actually a small price to pay to “switch sides.”

3.  We are helping to decentralize the power generation.    Centralization breeds corruption.  Freedom is always realized through de-centralization.  Enough said.

4.  We will never stop using electricity.   So, in 13 years I will have totally paid for my solar system using money that I was going to be paying to the utility ANYWAY.   It’s not like we will decide tomorrow to stop using electricity.   Of course we will keep using it (and having a monthly bill).   Now that monthly bill is going to “pay off” my solar system.   I  now own my power generation rather than paying a monthly rental fee for my power generation (which is dirty energy anyway).

So you see.    Our car will never pay itself back.   My bank account has no “payback” on it (a payback of 100 years or more is the same a no payback).   Solar does, and it makes sense today, even if the grass is a little greener in the next State over.

Stop thinking about getting the “best” deal and take the “great” deal that is already looking at you in the face!

Stay Sharp,


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