TVA is putting a (Temporary Halt) to their Generation Partners Program.

Tennessee announces Wednesday that they will be putting a halt to the Generation Partners program. They say that they are approaching the $50 million limit that the program has budgeted.

They are promising a similar program some time in the summer so those who have contracts in line will have to wait for the next program.

TVA has been dragging their feet on signing new PV systems up. (We are personally waiting for two large commercial systems that were turned in to the Utility in mid May). It is now apparent why they were taking so long. They were stringing folks along and building up a que.

This does not seem like the best way for TVA to show that it promotes green energy and environmental sustainability. It is kind of ironic that the day after Obama makes his speech talking about sustainable energy and the direction that our nation should be moving we get this retraction from TVA.

You can read more about it at The Tennessean and over at

Keep on learning.

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